Biomedical Engineering Technology 3407

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Program code: 3407
School: School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science
Credential: Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Program Type: Post-secondary program
Program Length: 3 years/ 6 semesters
Start Date: Fall, Winter
Location: Progress Campus
Tel: 416-289-5000, ext. 8256

In the biomedical equipment industry, engineering and scientific disciplines merge, resulting in innovations that bring benefits to both the health care system and society. Firms in this industry must now meet the challenge of providing a wider range of quality products. As a result, there will be a greater need for qualified professionals. Biomedical engineering integrates various principles including electronics, micro-controller, computer, chemical, biology, medicine, health, and engineering in the design of medical equipment, rehabilitation and health improvement devices.

In response to this growing demand for technology professionals who understand health-related fields, Centennial College is offering the Biomedical Engineering Technology. The program will prepare you for a challenging career with the latest technology, while continuing to evolve to reflect the ever-growing innovations.

This program provides an optimum balance between theory and hands-on labs with ever present technical problem-solving. You can graduate as a technician after the first two years, or continue in this three-year technology program.

Semester 1 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
COMM-160/161 College Communications 1 Progress Campus
ETEC-101 Electronics Shop Practices Progress Campus
ETEC-102 Digital Electronics 1 Progress Campus
ETEC-103 Electric Circuits 1 Progress Campus
ETEC-104 PC Applications Progress Campus
ETEC-116 Computer Hardware & Networks Progress Campus
MATH-170 Technology Mathematics 2 Progress Campus

Semester 2 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
CNET-208 Programming in C/C++ Progress Campus
COMM-170/171 College Communications 2 Progress Campus
ETEC-121 Electronics 1 Progress Campus
ETEC-122 Digital Electronics 2 Progress Campus
ETEC-123 Electric Circuits 2 Progress Campus
GNED General Education Elective Progress Campus
MATH-180 Technology Mathematics 3 Progress Campus

Semester 3 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
ANAT-106 Applied Anatomy & Physiology Progress Campus
BTEC-211 Biomedical Engineering 1 Progress Campus
BTEC-212 Infection Control & Microbiology Progress Campus
ETEC-201 Electronics 2 Progress Campus
ETEC-204 Electronic Communication Systems Progress Campus
GNED-500 Global Citizenship: from Social Analysis to Social Action Progress Campus
MLAB-101 Clinical Laboratory Techniques Progress Campus

Semester 4 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
BTEC-221 Biomedical Engineering 2 Progress Campus
BTEC-222 Dialysis & Water Treatment Progress Campus
ETEC-202 Microcontrollers 1 Progress Campus
ETEC-203 Measurement & Instrumentation Progress Campus
ETEC-221 Electronics 3 Progress Campus
ETEC-225 Quality Control & Technician Project (Tn only) Progress Campus

Semester 5 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
BTEC-312 Biomechanics & Rehabilitation Engineering Progress Campus
BTEC-313 Medical Imaging Systems Progress Campus
BTEC-314 Photonics Devices & Laser Treatment Progress Campus
ETEC-222 Microcontrollers 2 Progress Campus
ETEC-223 PLC and Controls Progress Campus
ETEC-224 Data Communications & Networks Progress Campus
ETEC-306 Project & Quality Management Progress Campus

Semester 6 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
BTEC-321 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering Progress Campus
BTEC-325 Computer Integrated Surgery & Telemedicine Progress Campus
BTEC-327 Biomedical Project Progress Campus
ETEC-205 RF Transmission & Measurements Progress Campus
ETEC-324 Wireless Networks & Applications Progress Campus
GNED-212 Ethics in Technology and the Environment Progress Campus

Program Highlights
  • Opportunity exists for three paid co-op work terms
  •  The program has its own Biomedical Student Club
  • Hands-on experience is gained with a wide range of high-tech equipment
  • A strong focus is placed on hands-on labs to enhance classroom learning
  • The program is part of an active student chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
  • The advanced diploma that is earned is recognized in Canada and abroad, reflecting high standards of learning
Educational Partners

Qualified graduates may be eligible to participate in an articulated program with selected universities. These partnerships allow graduates to apply academic credit towards further study.

Our partners are:
  • Athabasca University, Science degree
  • Lakehead University, Engineering degree
Centennial College expects students applying for admission to certificate or diploma programs to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Possession of minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

Academic Requirements
  • Compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent
  • Math 11M or U, or 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent
Co-op Requirements
  • Minimum C grade in COMM-170/171, minimum 2.5 GPA, and minimum 80 per cent of year 1 courses required for COOP-221
Semester/ Graduation Requirements
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA required for progression to semester 5 and 6 and technology graduation
  • Student will be placed in the appropriate English level based on skills assessment results
  • Student will be placed in the appropriate math level based on skills assessment results

The qualification requirements and costs for each external  accreditation, designation, certification or recognition are set by the granting body and not by Centennial College.  In order to qualify for any of those external accreditations, designations, certification or recognition, students and graduates will need to follow the processes and meet the applicable requirements listed on the websites and materials of those external bodies.

Career Outlook
Health care technology professionals work in settings such as:
  • Hospitals
  • Medical equipment companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Quality control
  • Sales and customer service