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Centennial College recognizes the financial challenges many students face in pursuing post-secondary education and has implemented a number of bursaries (non-repayable funding) to assist you in meeting your financial obligations.

Answers to Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know what Bursaries are available?

Students must first complete and submit the Scholarships and Bursaries Questionnaire at least once per academic year. Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted, you will receive notifications of scholarships as they become available via your myCentennial email. You will receive a notification email 10 business days prior to the launch of the scholarship or bursary, and a reminder email 3 days before it becomes available online.

Students who do not complete the Scholarships and Bursaries Questionnaire will lose out on these valuable opportunities because they will not be notified of the availability of these additional resources to help with their educational expenses.

Where can I find the Scholarships and Bursaries Questionnaire?

You can locate the questionnaire by logging into myCentennial with your student number and password, and clicking on the "Scholarships and Bursaries Questionnaire" link located on the right-hand side of the page.

Are there Bursaries for International Students?

No. Based on Ministry directives, the Student Financial Services Office does not provide bursaries to International Students at this time.

How do I apply for Bursaries?

Once you have completed and submitted the Scholarships and Bursaries Questionnaire, you will receive an email inviting you to apply for bursaries to which you are eligible. Once the bursary is open for applications, you will log into myCentennial with your student number and password, and then click on the "Student Awards and Financial Aid" link to start applying for the bursary.

Do all Bursaries require the completion of a budget?

Yes. Bursaries require that students demonstrate a financial need that is equal to or greater than the value of the bursary to which they are applying. To determine if a student has a financial need or not, a budget has to be completed and submitted as part of the online application.

When will I know if I am the successful recipient of a bursary?

For bursaries valued at $500 (excluding the Child Support, Ontario First Generation, and Women in Non-Traditional program bursaries), students are notified within 24 hours of submitting their online application via their myCentennial email. For all other bursaries valued at $500, students are notified within 14 business days of the deadline of the bursary via their myCentennial email.

For bursaries valued at $1,000 or higher, students are notified within 14 business days of the deadline of the bursary via their myCentennial email.

I keep getting denied for bursaries based on my budget. Am I doing something wrong?

Bursaries requiring the completion of a budget are those that require the student to demonstrate a financial need that is equal to or greater than the value of the bursary. Students are asked to enter their living expenses and resources for their current semester (4 months) to determine if they have a financial need. Examples of resources are OSAP received for the current semester, employment Income received during the current semester, the cashed-in portion of RRSP, RESP or Mutual Funds during the semester, Income from EI, OW or ODSP during the semester, contribution from parents or spouse towards your education, etc. A student who has a financial need will have more expenses than resources.

It is important to note that applications containing a $0 resource will not be considered as students are required to have some form of contribution towards their education.

I was approved for a Bursary but now my status has changed. Am I still eligible to receive it?

No. Students are approved for bursaries provided they have met all the criteria for that bursary. Therefore, if the bursary requires that you are full-time enrolled throughout the semester and you withdraw completely or to part-time status, you are no longer eligible to receive that bursary. Likewise, if a bursary indicates that you must be enrolled part-time throughout the semester and your status changes to full-time, you are no longer eligible to receive that bursary.

When can I expect my Bursary Cheque?

Centennial College adopts a pay-tuition-first policy. Eligible students who have paid their tuition in full can expect to receive their bursary cheque in the mail 14 business days from the deadline of the bursary. Students who have not paid their tuition fee in full will have the bursary first applied to the outstanding balance on their account, and any remainder forwarded to their address via cheque.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the permanent address reflected on their student account is indeed their current address. The Student Financial Services Office will not accept responsibility for cheques mailed to an incorrect address.

Is there a deadline for cashing my Bursary Cheque?

All cheques are valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of issue. Cheques not cashed within this six (6) months period become stale-dated and will not be honored by any financial institution. The Student Financial Services Office cannot issue cheques to students after their last study period end date, and therefore we strongly recommend that you cash your cheque once it is received.

I have misplaced or lost my Scholarship Cheque. Can it be replaced?

Your scholarship cheque can be replaced provided six (6) months have not passed since it was issued. Simply visit the Student Financial Services Office of your campus with two pieces of Valid photo ID and complete the Cheque Replacement form. Please note that the process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks because an investigation is done before a new cheque is re-issued.

Will I receive a T4A for Scholarships received?

Yes. Students will receive a T4A for scholarships received within the calendar year (January - December).

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