Whether you're interested in training for your current or future career, earning transfer credits for university studies, or just pursuing your interests, Centennial College can help you reach your goals. With more than 100 full-time programs, 160 part-time programs and thousands of part-time courses, you'll find what you need at Centennial.

Most Centennial College programs are one to four years in length. When you complete your program, you will be awarded an official college diploma or degree, recognized around the world as meeting a high standard of educational quality.

Degree Programs

Centennial College Degrees are four-year programs that offer you the practical skills you need to win the job you want and the theoretical background to give you the subject knowledge employers are looking for.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Whether in Business, Hospitality, Tourism and Culture, Engineering Technology, Communication, Media and Design or Health Sciences, you'll find a compelling array of programs. View a full list of our Graduate Certificate Programs.

English Programs

As a proud member of the Council of Second Language Programs in Canada and Languages Canada, Centennial College offers programs designed to help you improve your English skills for academic and career success.

Overseas Programs

Centennial College is an active participant in international training and development projects in a number of countries around the world. College faculty and administrators have worked with business and government partners in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa.

For more information about our overseas programs, please click on the following links:

Co-op Education

Employers want to hire graduates with education and experience. Most of Centennial's three-year programs in business and engineering technology offer co-op education.

International students are eligible for co-op programs. For more information, please call 011-416-289-5000, ext. 2524.

Restricted Programs

Due to limited capacity, demand by Canadian students or licensing requirements, some programs have restricted enrolment — they are not open to international applicants. Please consider the alternate programs that are available to international students.

  • Any Apprenticeship program (including Pre-Apprenticeship and Co-op Apprenticeship).
  • Social Service Worker (Alternate Programs that are open to international students include:  Developmental Service Worker, Community and Development Work)
  • Child and Youth Worker (Alternate Programs that are open: Developmental Service Worker, Early Childhood Education)
  • Community and Justice Services (Alternates that are open: Law Clerk, Paralegal)
  • Food service Worker (Alternate Program that is open: Nutrition and Food Service Management)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (Alternate Program that is open: Electrical Engineering Technician)
  • Police Foundations
  • Pre-Service Firefighter
  • Aboriginal Programs
  • Paramedics or Para Medicine
  • Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician
  • Fitness and Health Promotion
  • Contact Center Operations 

Note: The list of restricted programs is subject to change without notice.