English Language Learning (ELL)

Learn English and Create New Opportunities

The English Language Learning (ELL) program is an intensive, five semester, five level, full–time program for students who speak English as a second language. This program can help build English Language skills for success in college, university, and a career. English Language Learning is available at both Progress Campus and the Eglinton Learning Site.

Starts Every 3 Weeks...Offered Throughout the Year!

With continuous intake and start dates, you can begin right away, or when it suits your schedule. You will be placed in a level based on a diagnostic placement test. Each level consists of five different “modules” and each “module” runs for three weeks.

You can start the program at the beginning of any module, depending on the date of your arrival. The program emphasizes academic communication skills and focuses on Grammar, Reading, Writing; Listening, Speaking; and Pronunciation. You will study in a supportive academic environment and build your language skills through communicative activities, practical exercises, group work, presentations, and assignments. You will also have access to resources such as the college library and computer labs.

Flexible and Customized to Your Learning Needs

The goal of the English Language Learning program is to provide you with a tailored learning experience based on your skill level. It is designed for students whose English language skills range from very limited to intermediate level.

Each level is divided into two main classes: Integrated Core Skills (Reading/Writing/Grammar) and Communication Skills (Speaking/Listening/Pronunciation). Levels 1 and 2 include an additional course in Fluency Skills. Levels 3 to 5 have an additional course in Academic Skills.

Program Benefits

  • The English Language Learning (ELL) Program is based on modern teaching and learning practices.
  • Our Faculty members are qualified, dedicated ESL teaching professionals who provide instruction plus support, encouragement, and guidance.
  • You are with instructors for approximately 375 hours per semester.
  • Each new intake is a separate language module.
  • Diagnostic placement tests ensure correct language level placement.
  • You have regular diagnostic appraisals to measure class progress.

Learning Environment

  • Computerized language learning facilities
  • Access to college services and resources
  • Trips
  • One-on-one tutoring

ELL - English Assessment and Customized Placement
Students take an assessment test at Centennial College to ensure correct level placement in the ELL Program. Students may be placed in different levels within the program depending on his/her language skills. For example, a student may be assigned to Level 1 for Integrated Core Skills (Reading/Writing/Grammar) and could be placed in Level 2 for Communication Skills (Speaking/Listening/Pronunciation).

Students do not need to take an external placement test to qualify for admission.