Centennial College is offering 2 scholarships to international students. One scholarship is awarded to an international student based on merit; the other to an international transfer student from China based on academic performance. Both scholarships are offered to eligible students who have successfully completed two consecutive semesters.

International Student Academic Performance Scholarship


  • Highest Cumulative GPA in Academic School (currently between 3.9 to 4.5)
  • Currently registered full time
  • Completed 2 consecutive semesters full time without withdrawals prior to the add/drop 
  • No recorded failures or incomplete grades
  • No repeats on their academic record

International Transfer Student: Professor Min Ge Scholarship of Academic Excellence

This scholarship was initiated in memory of Professor Min Ge who joined Centennial College in 1995. Professor Min Ge played a significant role in establishing and developing Centennial's International Transfer program in China over a period of 10 years. Her countless hours and tremendous work have created a pathway for Chinese Students to internationalize their education through "joint venture" programs between Centennial College and Vocational schools, Colleges and Universities in China. Through her efforts, Centennial College continues to host numerous delegations and provide corporate training to a variety of international groups from government and industry. Not a single component of her portfolio remains untouched by her commitment to Chinese International Students. Her work with agents, schools, and the Chinese community has significantly raised Centennial's profile and reputation in China. Professor Min Ge's passion for student achievement will always be her trademark.


  • Attending Centennial College whose country of origin is China
  • Comes from a partner school
  • Has highest cumulative GPA in their Academic school (currently between 3.9 to 4.5)
  • Currently registered full-time
  • Has completed 2 consecutive terms in undergraduate or graduate program
  • Has no recorded grades below C (2)
  • Demonstrated community or student leadership service
  • 2 references (one should come from a professor)