Health and Safety

Health Insurance for International Students

All registered international students at Centennial College are covered by a comprehensive health insurance plan offered through This insurance is mandatory for all international students. The health insurance policy provides coverage for emergency medical services that is valid all over the world, except your country of origin.

To find out more about your health insurance plan including details of what is covered, list of doctors, claims forms, frequently asked questions, and more, please visit their website at

Where Do I Get My Card?

You will receive a PDF of your card in your myCentennial email 4 weeks after the beginning of your first semester. However, you are covered from the first day of classes. If you have to seek medical help before you receive your card, make sure you are familiar with what is covered. Keep all your receipts so that you may submit your claim online once you receive your card.

It is recommended that you print a copy of your card and take it with you for any medical visits.

International Student Support Program (ISSP)

As an international student, you may be stressed or anxious about tests and assignments, being away from home, or adjusting to life here in Canada. To supplement the care you receive from Centennial College's Counselling Centre professionals, you also have access to the International Student Support Program as part of your health insurance plan.

The ISSP allows you to conveniently connect with a counsellor over the phone or online, to talk about any issue – big or small – that may be affecting you. This service is FREE, confidential (within the limits of the law), and is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and in over 200 languages. To contact an ISSP counsellor:

*You can also access the ISSP from outside of Canada