Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to be assessed?
We need to assess your skills. Good English writing and reading comprehension skills are needed to succeed at Centennial, as are basic mathematics or science skills for some programs. By testing your college readiness, we can better ensure your success at Centennial College.

How will the skills assessment test results be used?

Your assessment results will be used in several ways:

  • to determine admission to some college programs
  • to indicate if you require a full-time academic upgrading program such as General Arts and Science or English for Academic Purposes before entering a regular post-secondary program
  • to identify the appropriate language (and for some programs Math) course that matches your current skill level.

For those who require academic upgrading, we offer Placement Advice for Student Success (PASS). Be sure to do your best work, because the results can have a significant impact!

What kind of questions will be asked?
Depending on the program, you may be asked to write different tests in language, Mathematics, Science or other subject areas. The most common are described on the Assessment Tests page. Locate the specific program you have applied for either by code or program name. Click on the link and you will find out what the required testing is and how to book your test.

Is there a fee for skills assessment testing?
There is no fee when you take your assessment. The materials and administration cost will be included in your tuition fees (as an ancillary fee) when you enroll in the College.

How long will the skills assessment testing take?
Times vary, depending on your program choices but we strongly recommend you allow up to 3 hours to complete the testing. Ask for details when you book your session.

Where do I go for skills assessment testing?
The Skills Assessment office is located at D2-01 at Progress Campus, 941 Progress Avenue, Scarborough, ON. Check out our campus locations here.

Where do I park for skills assessment testing?
When you arrive at Progress campus go to Parking Lot #3. Once parked go to the Parking Attendant Booth and inform the parking attendant you are writing skills assessment tests. If the attendant is not available, please go directly to the Security Desk on the first floor of the main campus, Room C1-04 and let them know you are completing your skills assessment and provide them with information on your vehicle.

To view a copy of Progress campus map, click here.

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