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Centennial College, the Hall of Fame Selection Committee and the Athletics and Recreation Department would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to an auspicious group that was inducted into our hall of fame. The first Inductee Ceremony was held on April 3rd, 2013 and saw 15 Coaches, Athletes and Builders.

They were

  • Sue Brown (Builder) 2013
  • John Child (Athlete) 2013
  • Wallace Coomansingh (Athlete) 2013
  • Coreen Flemming (Builder) 2013
  • Helen Folker (Coach) 2013
  • Pat Fyffe (Builder) 2013
  • Chuck Gullickson (Builder) 2013
  • Cindy Horton (Athlete) 2013
  • Sharon Ikola (Builder) 2013
  • Cynthia Kane (Athlete) 2013
  • Blair Rossen (Athlete) 2013
  • Carol Slipetz (Coach) 2013
  • Lesreen Thomas (Athlete) 2013
  • Jim Wolch (Coach) 2013
  • Mary Zettel (Builder) 2013


We congratulate all of the inductees on their remarkable careers and the legacies that have been left behind for all of our athletic community to aspire to in the future. As we celebrated our first ever Hall of Fame induction ceremony. These inductees have set the bar very high at Centennial and leave a tough act to follow. 


On April 1st, 2015 Centennial held it's 2nd induction ceremony of for the Class of 2015 for the Colts Hall of Fame. 

The Inductees were ...

  • Patricia Brown (Athlete) 2015
  • Michael Brown (Athlete) 2015
  • Stephen Fowler (Athlete) 2015
  • Soula Fradelos (Athlete) 2015
  • Hope Humphries (Athlete) 2015
  • Brenton Lowe (Athlete) 2015
  • Marrick Yee (Athlete) 2015

We are committed to the continued support of our student-athletes in their active participation in programs designed to promote excellence, leadership, values and character through sports. It is our hope that the next generation of athletes, coaches and administrators will be inspired by the example provided by our esteemed Hall of Fame Sports Alumni.

In future we will continue to induct those who have made an outstanding contribution to Centennials Sports, Athletics and Recreation.

As part of the restructuring and continued growth of our department, Athletics’ and Recreation are actively looking for former members of all of our athletic programs. We would like you to step forward and take on a leadership and mentorship role for those in your particular sport in partnership with our alumni association.

This would include assisting us in locating alumni, being part of the planning process of Homecoming, participating on Alumni Teams at special events and tournaments, and in the implementation of fundraising plans for current and future teams. The fundraising element is a wonderful way for Varsity Alumni to "give back" to their sport of choice. Should you be interested please contact Paul Martin, Sports Information Officer, @ (416) 289-5000, x3548 or email pmartin@centennialcollege.ca.

Click Here to download the Hall of Fame Brochure Program.

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