Athletic Therapy Services

Athletic Therapy is the prevention, recognition, immediate care and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries especially as they relate to active individuals, especially in the active population. Services provided include ...

  • Prevention of athletic injuries / illnesses
  • Evaluation of athletic injuries / illnesses and medical referral
  • Pre-competition taping / bracing
  • On-site first aid and emergency care
  • Rehabilitation of athletic injuries
  • Organization and administration of Athletic Therapy services
  • Administrator for the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport Doping Control
    Program for the Centennial College Varsity Athletics Program


Appointments can be made in person in the Sport Injury Clinic by placing your name in an available spot in the appointment book in the clinic. Appointments can also be made directly with your team’s therapist in the book. Each appointment is 30 min in length but may require more or less time depending on the injury and the treatments.


The Sports Injury Clinic is open from 12-6 Monday to Thurs and 11-4 on Friday and during practice times in the evening.

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Athletic Therapy
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