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Centennial College Athletics and Recreation added the service offering of Wellness to students for this upcoming year. Wellness is in reference to one's positive and holistic well-being.

What Is Wellness

What is wellness and what can it do for me?

Wellness/Well-being refers to a positive, holistic state of mind and body, embracing the intellectual, physical, mental, environmental, emotional and spiritual self. Student well-being is the overall synergistic effect between these different layers of a student’s identity - working together to achieve both academic success, as well as success outside the walls of the institute.

Students that recognize and appreciate their own well-being benefit by gaining:

  • A strong degree of personal resilience, able to bounce back and cope with everyday challenges
  • A sense of contentment (well fed, well housed, safe and secure) and self-worth
  • An ability to adjust, integrate and get involved, connecting to staff and each other
  • A better sense of academic focus
  • A lowered risk of developing future lifestyle-related diseases (stroke, heart disease, diabetes, etc)
  • A desire to pursue a healthy lifestyle, drug and solvent free
  • Access to a strong support system both at home and at school
  • The capacity to navigate the socio-cultural expectations facing our youth