CCLI-100, Leadership and Inclusion: Understanding Today’s Workplace

This introductory course provides participants with awareness of the importance and role of inclusive leadership in an increasingly globalized workplace. Through an examination of current practices, participants will determine the interrelationship between the dimensions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

CCLI-200, Leadership and Inclusion: Building Capacity for Inclusive Leadership

Leadership today increasingly requires self-awareness, authenticity and an understanding of one’s own values and behaviors. In this course, participants will investigate their own identity and values and how these intersect within the workplace. Participants will explore the tension between personal and organizational values and will identify strategies that develop and support their own growth as an inclusive leader.

CCLI-300, Leadership and Inclusion: Cultivating Cultures of Inclusion through Organizational Change

This course provides participants with knowledge and skill building in the areas of inclusive leadership and organizational change. Participants will consider how principles of diversity and equity shape leadership and guide organizations to become more inclusive. Participants will analyze leadership and change models to determine effective and inclusive workplace policies and practices. Applying knowledge and tools introduced in this course, participants will begin to explore their own work environments.

CCLI-400, Leadership and Inclusion: Effective Practices and Policies for Inclusion and Inclusive Leadership

This course emphasizes inclusive effective practices in the workplace and examines the implication of various influencers (e.g., human rights legislation) on organizational policies and procedures. Using various case studies, participants will examine, compare and comment on existing organizational practices through the lens of inclusive leadership. At the end of the course, participants will be able to communicate a persuasive rationale that promotes and supports diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the workplace.

For more information contact: Dr. Richard Williamson, Faculty, General Education and Liberal Studies