Get Started...

Interested in Partnering with Centennial College? Here's how our process works. Here are the nine easy steps to joining up as a Partner.

1. The process begins with us providing you with a client folder, giving you the details on what we have to offer. Here's a virtual version of the client folder, if you'd like to see.

2. If confidential information is going to be shared, a non-disclosure agreement will be signed by you and Centennial College.

3. As a prospective Partner, you'll fill out and submit Centennial's Collaboration Request Form (CRF). It's short, no more than a page.

4. We will then mail the CRF to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steering Committee, the group at Centennial that will assess your project to see if it's a good fit for the College.

5. If it isn't a good fit, ARIC will inform you. If you consented to have the CRF forwarded, ARIC will share it with The Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII), allowing it the chance to find a more fitting home among our ecosystem. If the project is a go, we will email the CRF and Evaluation to the Capital and Space Committee at Centennial.

6. The selected Program Manager will work with college experts to scope the project.

7. Then, there's the question of money. If no additional funding is required, the project can initiate after a project agreement has been signed. If additional funding is required, a viable funder will need to be identified. The researchers, ARIC, and you, the Partner, will jointly prepare a proposal to the funder. ARIC will submit the proposal to the funder, as well as any affected departments.

8. If the funder approves, the project will proceed. If not, ARIC will inform you, and the process begins again.