Global Academy Competition 2017

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Win $5,000 for your Social Innovation!

Centennial College’s 5th annual Global Academy social innovation competition provides students across all disciplines with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate in-demand entrepreneurship skills while making a valuable contribution to society. Participation in the competition provides opportunities for students to network with industry professionals, increase their social capital, develop entrepreneurship skills and engage in tactile, project-based learning.

Benefits for Participating in the Global Academy

All participants will be honored with a Global Academy Statement of Recognition that can be used for their professional portfolio and the winners will be presented with $5000 to be used towards actualizing their service, product or solution. Each winning student will also be awarded with $250 (please see Rules and Regulations). All students who participate can use this experience towards both the Global Digital Badge  and the Leadership Passport.

This year’s focus is on Accessibility, a topic that is increasingly important within all fields today and that will enable students to be at the leading edge of their industry. Statistics Canada (2012) reports that nearly 14% of Canadians over the age of 15 identify as having a disability. Additionally, the occurrences of disabilities are increasing, as Canada’s demographics shift towards a larger aging population, with 33.2% of Canadians over the age of 65 reporting a disability.

The Global Academy will help students prepare to meet the increasing accessibility needs of an aging population, comply with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability (AODA) legislation and demonstrate to employers their ability to innovate and meet the shifting demands of their field. The event is calling upon students to create a tangible service, product or solution to address a problem rooted in Accessibility.

Sign Up to Win for Your Social Innovation

Please contact one of our GCE Learning Advisors for more information and to sign up. Please fill out the proposal template below to sign up for the Global Academy.

Gabriel Bedard 

Tel: 416-289-5000 ext.2432

Nita Saini

Tel. 416-289-5000 ext.2661

Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Ideas Rooted in Accessibility

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