Online, Hybrid and Blended Course Development

Centennial's Instructional Design Team (IDT) acts as an institutional resource for faculty who are interested in all aspects of online, hybrid, blended, and web-enhanced learning (from teaching strategies, module organization, assessments, and educational technology). For those faculty with a general interest in course (re)design, or for those mandated to create a course, we offer both "consulting" (e.g., providing advice and input on a variety of curriculum items, such as assessments, module organization, course aesthetic, incorporation of technology, etc.) and "construction" services (e.g., building interactivities, content templates, eCentennial integration, etc.).

The IDT specializes in:

  • Determining and reflecting upon important situational factors that can influence the decision to offer either a blended or online course;
  • Promoting a process of “integrated design” when (re)designing all aspects of a blended or online course;
  • Suggesting a variety of blended or online models that can be used to organize a course;
  • Suggesting how to retool, convert, or redesign course material to create an engaging blended or online course;
  • Choosing learning activities and assessments that are best suited to the online or face-to-face environment;
  • Identifying effective teaching strategies (e.g., flipped classroom) that can be applied to a blended learning environment;
  • Recommending appropriate educational technology tools that can be incorporated into both a blended or online course;
  • Creating curriculum that promotes students’ digital literacy and skills;
  • Structuring courses so that students are appropriately oriented to, and can easily navigate, the online learning environment;
  • Demonstrating how to maintain a strong online social presence in order to humanize the online environment;
  • Advising how to integrate face-to-face and online course components (for a blended course);
  • Establishing practical course development schedules so that courses can be “ready to go” on time;
  • Providing quality assurance for blended or online courses;
  • Providing strategies for incorporating and creating dynamic interactive media elements to support students’ needs;
  • Modelling how course content can be displayed in the Learning Management System with the incorporation of videos, graphics/images, audio, presentations and more.

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