Part-time (in class and online) Courses are Running

During the Faculty strike, Part-time (in class and online) courses will continue to run, with the exception of the following:

Course Code Course Title Delivery Type
OAGN 113 - 801 Office Administration Technology 1 In Class
OAGN 115 - 801 Introduction to Word Processing In Class
OAGN 123 - 801 Office Administration Technology 2 In Class
MATH 128 Mathematics of Finance 1E In Class
MATH 118 Mathematics of Finance 1 In Class
CYCA303 Child Abuse In Class/eCentennial
CYCA104 Developmental Issues in Childhood & Adolescence eCentennial
CYCA302 Integrative Seminar 3 - Part 1 In Class
CYCA307 Integrative Seminar 3 - Part 2 In Class
CYCA 301 Field Practicum Level 3 - Specialized Part 1 eCentennial
CYCA 306 Field Practicum Level 3 - Specialized Part 2 eCentennial
NUPH 700 Health Assessment Online -
NUPH 703 Ethics eCentennial
NUPH 702 Acute and Chronic Practice -
ECEP239-801 Pre-Sch. Curriculum: Support In Class
ECEP133-801 Health and Wellness Practice In Class
ECEP101-801 Keys to Success in Early Childhood Education In Class
PNUR 101 Lab Refresher In Class
CEAB-920 Paintless Dent Removal In Class
CESD-816 Automotive Detailing In Class
TAXI-100 Taxi Driver Training In Class
CECR-801 ODP In Class
CESD-933 Small Engines In Class
LSDV-109 Leading Responsibly (Leadership Development Series) Ontario Learn
MKTG-224 Marketing Research Ontario Learn
CELC-921 ILCO - Real Estate Ontario Learn
CEED-501 Abuse and Family Violence Ontario Learn

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