Steps to Help you Apply

Step 1
Click 'Apply Now, Leadership and Inclusion Certificate' located in the left column of the website.

Step 2
Click 'Continuing Education – Register Now'

Step 3
Click 'New Accounts- Create'

Step 4
Enter email address and confirm email address. Click 'Continue'

Step 5
Enter password and confirm password. Click 'Continue'

Step 6
Enter personal details. Click 'Continue'

Step 7
Enter your address. Click 'Continue'

Step 8
Enter citizenship Info. Click 'Continue'

Step 9
Enter current student info. Select  'No' for returning student. Click 'Continue'

Step 10
Enter current program information. Click 'Continue'

Step 11
You now have an official Centennial student number. Write this down. 

Step 12
In the CE Search field to the left, search your course code eg. CCLI-100

Step 13
Click 'Add'

Step 14
Click 'Checkout'

Step 15
Click 'Pay Now'

Step 16
Enter your payment info. Click 'Process Transaction'.