eCooking Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of Centennial College's eCooking Series! We're teaching you how to prepare a number of delicious baking, pastry and dessert dishes. You can find all of the recipes in the YouTube video descriptions and try them at home.

Watch all of eCooking Season 2 on Youtube or watch eCooking Season 1.

Episode List

Meet the Chefs

Chef Yasmin Johaadien

picture of Centennial College eCooking Chef Yasmin Johaadien in the kitchen studioChef Yasmin Johaadien brings more than 10 years of culinary and baking leadership experience to our team. Like many of our students, Yasmin discovered the world of food as a second phase in her career after many years of being a corporate accountant. Since then she has worked at some of the top restaurants in the world including Chef Mark MacEwan's North 44 in Toronto, Chef Gordon Ramsay's Maze Restaurant in London, UK, and the recently heralded Buca Restaurant in Toronto before working as an Executive Pastry Chef for several restaurants in Nova Scotia. Yasmin has been teaching for many years and has also been featured in the Globe and Mail through a series of videos produced to convey the simplicity of the art of baking. Yasmin is also a College-trained and Red Seal Certified Chef, bringing a full spectrum of Culinary and Baking experience and education to our students.


Chef Sally Chiu-Hildebrandt

picture of Centennial College eCooking Chef Sally Chiu-Hildebrandt in the kitchen studioChef Sally Chiu-Hildebrandt brings more than 15 years of industry experience to our team. From Lucy's Bistro in Hong Kong to Scaramouche Restaurant in Toronto, Sally's experience in fine dining is perfectly complimented by her experience in some of the world's most successful corporate confection brands - Cadbury (Canada) and Nestle (Canada). She is one of Canada's most experienced specialist Chocolatiers having designed and developed professional chocolate education programs across the country. Her education is quite unique in that Sally is a College-trained and Red Seal Certified Chef who discovered her passion and brilliant talent in the pastry arts later in her career. She has been teaching with us since April of 2015 and has been the faculty coordinator for our two Baking & Pastry Arts programs since September. She is also a proud graduate of Centennial College's Teacher/Trainer of Adults Certificate in 2011.

Julie Miguel

picture of Centennial College eCooking chef Julie Miguel in the kitchen studioJulie Miguel’s culinary career began after competing as a finalist on season one of Master Chef Canada. After the show, she pursued a career in food media as a writer, blogger and food photographer. Her passion project, Daily Tiramisu, has flourished into a popular food blog that features delicious recipes as well as food-related travel, events and stories. In January 2016, Julie partnered with Centennial College and enrolled in a baking course from our Baking and Pastry Arts Management program. Read about Julie’s experience at Centennial College.