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picture of a Centennial College Law Clerk program faculty member and student laughing in class during a mock trial

Face Palm: Silliest Criminals of Recent Years

Law is no laughing matter and neither is crime but some criminals you can't help but laugh at because their silly moves are so unbelievable. Once you have a laugh and decide you want to take law seriously, Centennial College's Law Clerk program is a great place to start.

One male and two female finance students discuss financial planning and the world of investing while walking down a hall.

Get Familiar: Common Financial Terms You Should Know

Financial planners who have attended Centennial College’s Financial Planning program can help you to make informed decisions about a range of financial products. But you should also have a broad idea of the most common terms you will hear when before entering the world of investing.

Male and female from the Advanced Business Management Alcohol Beverages program seating doing wine teasting 

What's in a name? Popular types of wine

The world of wines can be confusing. This "wines 101" breaks down some of the most popular grape varieties and their qualities. Centennial College’s Advanced Business Management - Alcoholic Beverages program goes well beyond this information with knowledge about the business of alcohol.