Co-op Placement vs Field Placement/Internship

The Difference Between a Co-op Placement and a Field Placement/Internship

To be eligible to hire a co-op student, employers must:

  • Expect to have full-time work available for the entire 4 month, 8 month or one year work term
  • Be willing to give the student appropriate training and support
  • Be able to provide the student with productive work assignments that are generally related to their major
  • Be willing to pay the co-op student a market driven salary

Co-op is an optional program for students at Centennial College. To graduate with a co-op diploma, students must complete three work terms, each with a minimum of 420 hours. At the end of the work term, the employer will be asked to submit an evaluation of the student’s performance. 

If you are interested in hiring a co-op student, contact our staff by phone: 416-289-5209, fax: 416-289-5252 or e-mail:

Field placements and internships are coordinated by each academic school and they are mandatory for most programs. Employers can hire placement students to fulfill short-term recruitment needs. Placements are unpaid and vary in length. They can be done on a part time basis throughout the year or after the student has completed their academic studies. 

If you are interested in hiring an intern/field placement student, please contact the Program Coordinator for the program in which you are interested.  For Program Coordinators, contact 416-289-5000.

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