Why do I need a myCard?

Your myCard is your official photo identification, an access card for Centennial College and a wide variety of services. The benefits associated with this card include savings, convenience, flexibility and security.

How do I get a myCard?

Get your myCard by contacting the myCard office at (416) 289-5255, emailing mycard@centennialcollege.ca or by visiting myphoto.centennialcollege.ca

Is there a charge for the myCard?

All students enrolled in a Full time or Part time program will be issued a myCard in their first semester. Employees and Campus Partners will be given it at the time of hire. If it is lost, stolen or damaged there will be a replacement fee.

Is the MyCard mandatory for Part-Time Learning Students?

No, the myCard is not mandatory for a Part-Time Learning course, but it may be purchased for a fee, in person at the Progress Campus myCard Office or Enrolment Services at all other campuses. To be eligible for a Part-Time Learning myCard, you must be registered and enrolled for a course in the current semester and present your student number.

What is the myCard used for?

  1. The myCard is one of the most important pieces of identification you will have while at Centennial.
  2. The myCard is flexible and convenient – use it for payment at participating campus locations. You can make deposits on your myCard 24/7 by using online credit/debit on the secure site located at mycard.centennialcollege.ca. In-person top-ups can be made, using debit and accepted credit cards only, at the myCard Office/Enrolment Services during normal business hours. Deposits are hassle and worry-free.
  3. The myCard is your ID card, required for many purposes on campus (exams, access parking, classes and labs, the AWC, etc.).
  4. The myCard gives you discounts on GO transit if you have the right sticker (see below).
  5. The myCard is safe - if your card is lost or stolen, your account balance is protected from the time you report your card missing at the myCard Office. You can also deactivate your card immediately by logging onto mycard.centennialcollege.ca and selecting the “Account” link.
  6. The myCard can help you budget – manage your funds by using the many features provided on mycard.centennialcollege.ca such as transaction history, account balances and more.

Is there a meal plan associated with the myCard?

There is not a traditional meal plan associated with the myCard, however, you, your family and friends can add funds to your myCard online 24/7 or in our office during business hours to pay for food purchases on campus. Please visit mycard.centennialcollege.ca to add funds online.

How do I add funds to myCard?

You can always add funds to your account through mycard.centennialcollege.ca. Never share your Centennial username and password. If you have family or friends who want to contribute to your myCard balance, have them follow the "Parental Deposit" link located on the log-in page. They will need to know your student ID number and date of birth.

Where can I use my myCard?

You can use your card at participating locations on campus. Please see “Where to Use myCard” for a list of participating locations.

Is myCard a bus pass?

Yes and no. Your myCard is used to verify your identity as a Centennial student or employee when using local city transit. Your myCard does not give you free access to local city transit or GO transit. However, the myCard Office/Enrolment Services will provide you with an enrolment validation sticker for your card and the CCSAI can than provide you with a GO transit validation sticker to obtain discounts when using local city transit.

Can I still get my myCard if I don't have a piece of government-issued photo ID?

Yes, but you must have 2 pieces of valid government issued non-photo ID if you do not have government-issued photo ID. Examples of government issued non-photo ID include your birth certificate, health care card, social insurance card, or temporary license.

How do I check my account balance and/or add funds?

Balances and transactions can be viewed by logging in at mycard.centennialcollege.ca and selecting the “Financial” link. Your balance will appear as a General Dollar amount and may have a secondary balance of previous printing credits purchased before the myCard program.

Who can add funds to myCard?

Family and friends can add funds to any Centennial myCard by visiting mycard.centennialcollege.ca and using the Parental Deposit link. She/he will require the student's date of birth and student number to deposit funds. Those who wish to add funds to a student’s myCard can also call the office at 416-289-5255 for assistance in making a deposit.

What happens if I still have funds on myCard at the end of the term or when I leave Centennial?

Funds remaining on your general balance account at the end of the academic term will automatically roll over to the next term.

If you are leaving Centennial or graduating, you may request a refund at the end of the term. All refund requests are subject to a $50 processing fee. To apply for a refund, visit the myCard Office and refer to the full refund details in the myCard Terms and Conditions.

Inactive accounts

If your myCard remains inactive for a period of three (3) calendar years, it will be deactivated by the myCard Office as of December 31, and the $50.00 administration fee will applied. The remaining balance will be transferred to your Centennial College account, at which point Centennial College financial procedures will apply to any remaining funds.

Why is there a $5.00 minimum deposit for myCard?

In order to keep our promise of "no fee transactions," we require a minimum of a $5.00 deposit to reduce credit card fees which will help to offset credit card fees back to the myCard Office.

If I make a deposit to myCard online with a credit card, is it considered a purchase or a cash advance?
Deposits to myCard accounts are always processed as purchases.

Can myCard go into a negative balance?

Yes, it is possible for your account to go into a negative balance if the system is "offline." Under normal circumstances, the system will not allow a transaction to go through if there are not enough funds in your account. You may use your myCard to make purchases where accepted, provided funds are available in your myCard account. You are liable for all purchases that exceed the funds available in your myCard account.

Can I withdraw money from my myCard account? 

Cash withdrawals are not allowed.

What if my myCard doesn't work?

Bring your card to the myCard Office or contact us via phone (416) 289-5255 or email at mycard@centennialcollege.ca.

I can't upload my photo. What should I do?

New students: To upload a photo please ensure you have paid or deferred your fees, then wait 2-3 business days before you upload your photo.

International Students: Please ensure you have shown your study permit to the international office then wait 2-3 business days before you upload your photo.

What if I lose myCard?

If your myCard is lost or stolen, you must deactivate your card to protect your balance by visiting mycard.centennialcollege.ca and using the "Deactivate Card" feature. Once deactivated, obtain a replacement card by heading to the myCard Office (Progress Campus), Enrolment Services (Morningside, Ashtonbee and Story Arts Campuses). A new card will be issued to you for a replacement fee. Enrolment Services accepts cash, debit, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover. The myCard Office accepts debit, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover, no cash.

Why do I have to pay for replacement cards?

The myCard Program does not operate on funding from the College, but rather operates on a cost recovery basis. The fee for replacement cards goes towards purchase of cards, ribbons, equipment, staff and general operation costs.

If I lose my card, do I lose the money I have in my account?

No. Your funds remain on your account, which you will be able to access with a replacement card. Please note that lost myCards must be reported immediately so that no one can access your account without your knowledge, as you are responsible for any charges to you myCard account prior to you deactivating it.

What does it mean if the system is offline?

Periodically, the myCard system may go down and will run offline. "Offline" means transactions can still occur as the system is set to allow a limited number of transactions to still occur while in "offline" mode. Once the myCard system comes back online, it adds up all of the transactions or purchases you have made and charges them against your myCard. If there is not enough money on your myCard to cover the purchases, your account goes into a negative balance. Once back online, should your account be in a negative balance, no further purchases will be allowed until funds have been deposited back on to your account.

The myCard Office checks for negative balances on a regular basis and will attempt to advise you of the situation via email, using your Centennial email account. However, you are responsible for being aware of your account balance, and are responsible for any spending into the negative. If you do not repay the amount due, the myCard Office may transfer the outstanding balance to your Centennial account for collection.

How do I access my myCard account online?

Visit mycard.centennialcollege.ca and login with your Centennial ID number and myCentennial password.

How do I take care of MyCard?

Keep your Centennial College myCard safe. Your Centennial College myCard is to be kept for the duration of your studies at Centennial. A fee will be charged to replace a lost or damaged card. Clean your Centennial College myCard with a soft, non-scratching cloth and water.

Why did the price change?

Previously, when you topped up your Pay4Print account the tax was charged at the time of purchase and the print prices excluded tax. Under the new system, when you top up your myCard account, the tax is not charged in advance. Instead, the print prices have been adjusted to include tax at the time a print is made.