Printing with myCard

Get Tap Happy!

Students can now use their myCard for payment for a growing number of campus services. For details about myCard General Dollars and top-up options see Add Funds.

Note that alcohol will not be eligible for purchase using your myCard. See the Centennial College myCard Terms and Conditions for complete details.


Charges for general purpose printing on campus are deducted from your myCard General Dollars account.  Any previously purchased credits using Pay for Print will be transferred to your myCard account. For details about print services and topping up your myCard account, please see

Print, Copy & Scan

Your myCard gives you access to print, copy and scan on campus. You may send print jobs through Web Print, from computer stations in classrooms, labs and at computer stations. Add funds online to use your myCard account for printing.

In addition to printing, the all-in-one machines allow you to photocopy and scan from (or to) a USB. Tap and hold your myCard until the next display screen and follow the instructions on screen. Be sure to hit "log out" when your job is finished.

Print from Computer Stations, in Classrooms and in Labs

There are currently 67 locations accessible to all students to send print jobs. 

Number of Accessible Printers per Campus
Ashtonbee Morningside Progress Story Arts Centre
9 12 39 7

To print in classrooms and labs, select the printer located in the room. Tap and hold your card in place at the release station to release your job. Be sure to hit "Log Out" when complete.

Printing from the Web

The web print option is a tool that lets you print your documents from non-college computers. This means that if you use a personal computer or laptop, you don't need to spend time finding a free computer in one of the labs to print.

What you will need

  • PC or Mac computer with internet access
  • Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Your Centennial College Network ID 
  • Available balance in your Pay-for-Print account
  • The name of the printer (i.e. pracad01\B321 Progress B Wing Labs)
  • A file in the compatible format

How to print

To print using the online service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to add funds with your StudentID and Password.
  2. Check that you have available balance.
  3. Select the Web Print option.
  4. Select Submit a Job.
  5. Select which College printer to send the job to then click on Step 2.
  6. Select the number of copies then Step 3 to Upload your Document.
  7. Click Browse to find the document, then Upload and Complete.
  8. A status screen will appear and your print job will be queued for delivery to the printer you selected.

Current compatible file formats are:

  • Microsoft Excel (xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, lxlm, xltx)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (pot, potm, potx, ppam, pps, ppsm, ppsx, ppt, pptm, pptx)
  • Microsoft Word (doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx)
  • Adobe Acrobat (pdf)


Regular printing rates apply when using web print, printing from computer stations and in classrooms and labs.

The printer default is two-sided and letter size. You may select one-sided printing as well as load optional paper sizes in the side tray or by choosing the appropriate tray.

Print, copy and scan fees are as follows:

Size Black and White Single-Sided Cost Black and White Double-Sided Cost Colour Single-Sided Cost Colour Double-Sided Cost
8.5" x 11" (Letter $ 0.07 $0.06/per side $0.23 $0.22/per side
8.5" x 14" (Legal) $ 0.09 $0.08/per side $0.25 $0.24/per side
11" x 17" (tabloid) $ 0.14 $0.13/per side $0.34 $0.33/per side