Community & Residence Life

On-Site Community & Residence Life

Why live in Residence? Here are just a few reasons to support those we’ve listed on our homepage. The benefits far outweigh any negatives and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Community: Become part of a diverse and global community. Although our students come from different countries and study different disciplines, living in residence gives them the opportunity to meet people they wouldn’t have met otherwise, and expand their academic and personal horizons. 

Convenience: You will not only live within walking distance of your classes and all student facilities the campus has to offer, you will also find our move-in process to be smooth and coordinated, accessible and organized.

Camaraderie: There are a huge number of opportunities to meet your new neighbours and get involved in residence life. Your Resident Assistants (RAs) and Residence Staff will make sure there are plenty of activities planned to keep you busy – when you’re not busy studying, that is! Students who live in residence say they have an easier time transitioning into College life and report making lasting friendships and meaningful memories.

Comfort: You will find comfort in the fact that our residences are safe, and you can feel secure in your choice to make it your home. For additional support, we are proud to provide 24-hour front desk staff and Campus Security presence to monitor the premises and ensure your safety. 

Residence Life Staff (RLS) 

What is the RLS?
The Residence Life Staff, or—as it is more commonly referred—the ‘RLS,’ is a staff team made of Residence Assistants (RAs), front-desk staff, Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) and our Management team. Although they operate at different levels within the Department, each member works together seamlessly to create a cohesive and collaborative community environment that is designed to benefit you. As a student, your initial contact for most Residence-related questions, concerns, and programming will be with your Residence Assistant. 

What is an RA?
A Residence Assistant, or ‘RA,’ is an upper-year student of the College that lives in the Residence and acts a mentor/advisor, role model, and guide to the incoming, first-year transitioning students that live in the building. Typically, a floor in Residence (or ‘Community’) will each have one RA to manage the conduct, events and programs, and support for the residents that live there. Our RAs are responsible for nightly rounds of the building after hours to ensure students are safe and secure in a positive environment in which they can sleep, study, and socialize effectively.  They are also responsible for monthly programming; this looks different for each floor, but may include a variety of events from movie nights and ice cream outings, to larger events that include competitions with other floors, free food, and prizes. Our RAs work to foster community development through skills gained in training that ultimately help shape and set the atmosphere for the floor during the year. 

A common misconception about RAs is that they are the “fun-police.” In truth, the work that our RAs do is crucial to the success of our Department and vital to the creation of a positive and memorable Residence experience for all that choose to live with us.

Apply today to be a Residence Assistant (RA). Please submit application to Matthew Fleming at 

Where are we located?

Centennial Place Residence is conveniently located on Progress Campus, and is a short commute (public transit, shuttle bus, etc.) to our other campuses - Ashtonbee, Morningside, and the Story Arts Centre. There is a frequent bus service located in front of our building that takes Residents to the nearby light-rail station, which links to the subway system. View the campus locations for directions and more.