CSD Forms and Other Information

This page contains links to all Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD) forms.

Note: You must be registered in the CSD before using any of the services.

Download Forms*
The Request for Testing Accommodation forms vary slightly between campuses. Please select the appropriate form below:

  • Student Guidelines for Testing Accommodations (PDF: 70KB)
    The testing accommodations guideline presents a detailed explanation of testing procedures (for example, where the students will be writing the tests presented to them), as well as general information on testing accommodations. These guidelines are valid on all campuses. Please note that students are responsible for being aware of these procedures and guidelines.
  • Faculty Guidelines for Testing Accommodations (PDF: 81KB)
    This guideline provides valuable information for instructors about the testing procedures and types of testing accommodations. These guidelines are valid on all campuses.

If you have any questions about testing accommodations, please contact the Disabilities Assistant/Technician at your campus.

Alternative Media Request Form

There are two steps that students must take to request books in alternative format from the CSD:

  1. Students must download and fill in the Alternative Media Request Form.
  2. Students must bring in the Alternative Media Request form along with proof of ownership of the requested book and the book itself to their campuses Disabilities Assistant/Technician.

Download Forms*
Alternative Media Request form (PDF: 253KB)  

CSD Brochure

The Centre for Students with Disabilities brochure includes information about our AIMS program and START Smart.

CSD Brochure (PDF: 1220 KB)*

Special education high school students, will need the following form to request information from their previous educational institution:

Students with a medical disability will need the following form to request any medical information from their doctor or specialist:

*The following are procedures for accessing the forms and brochures listed on the website.

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