CSD Policies and Forms

Responsibilities of Students

  • To make an appointment with the CSD Disabilities Counsellor on their campus;
  • To bring all relevant documentation to the CSD as soon as possible after they have applied to the college;
  • Students are required to bring relevant documentation that describes the nature of their disability and the accommodations that enable them to demonstrate their ability (such as psychoeducational assessments, psychological reports, medical documentation, etc.);
  • When necessary describe how their disability (functional limitation) may affect them in an academic setting, and the types of accommodations required;
  • Book all quizzes, tests and in-class assignments in advance of writing with the CSD on ATOMS;
  • Individuals who qualify for a sign-language interpreter or computerized notetaker must make this request to the CSD 3 weeks before the start of the semester; 
  • To request books in alternative format;
  • When necessary, to recruit, interview and select your Educational Assistant (EA) or Personal Attendant (PA)
  • When challenges arise to connect with the CSD.

Responsibilities of the CSD

  • To assess and collaborate to determine the individual needs of each student who has self-identified, and negotiate required accommodations, based on the student’s documentation, as it relates to their academic needs;
  • To prepare an “Individual Student Profile” (ISP) as requested by the student. These ISP’s will indicate classroom accommodations, strategies for success and the assistance to be provided by the CSD or Instructors.
    •  To email and download your ISP, please visit ASOP
  • To provide and/or facilitate the accommodations and services as outlined on the ISP;
  • To complete documentation with the student to support funding for EA's, PA's, Assessments, Assistive Technology, etc.;
  • To identify specific adaptive devices/assistive technology and suggest strategies that will support and enhance the learning process for the student;
  • To assist students in getting access to books in alternative format, please note: the CSD is not responsible for length of time it takes for the publisher to provide the media to the college;
  • To assist students in developing self-advocacy skills.

Policies and Forms

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