Academic Resources for Students at Centennial College

Centennial College has a number of academic resources to help our students succeed. Most are available and open to all students, while others can only be accessed by students registered with Centre for Students with Disabilities. All of the resources are free of charge. Click on the links below for more details, or find out about Centennial's Accessibility Plan.

Centre for Academic English

The Centre for Academic English provides free English tutoring and workshops to all Centennial students at our four campuses. Visit the Centre for Academic English.


A wealth of information is available in the Libraries on each campus, staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can help you with your research and assignment needs. Staff also conduct Library orientations and equipment demonstrations, and can assist you in using computer databases.

Our collections include the latest books, magazines, videos in DVD and VHS format. Each Library specializes in particular subjects that support courses taught at its campus:

  • Transportation at Ashtonbee Campus
  • Business, Computers and Engineering Technology at Progress Campus
  • Applied Arts, Health Sciences and Engineering at Centennial HP Science and Technology Centre
  • Communication Arts at The Centre for Creative Communications

Centennial's Libraries lead the way in the use of multimedia - the latest wave in personal computing. Multimedia blends text, sound, animation and video to produce educational programs anyone can use with ease. Students learn interactively on screen by reading, watching video and keying in answers to questions - all at their own pace. It's friendly, fun and smart!

We hope you'll use our Libraries as a place to read, think or study in a quiet, pleasant atmosphere. Bring your questions - we'll help you find the answers.

For information, including current hours,
call 416-289-5000 (on a touch tone phone press 1 to dial by extension)

ext. 7000, Ashtonbee Campus, room A-105

ext. 5400, Progress Campus, Library Help Desk, 3rd Floor

ext. 8000, Morningside Campus, room 160

ext. 8600, The Centre for Creative Communications, room 109

Learning Centres

The Learning Centre offers a peer-based tutoring program designed to provide one-on-one assistance and small group support to Centennial College students in an informal environment. Visit the Learning Centre.

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