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Smart Services is a collection of transition programs offered by the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD). From the moment a student is considering enrolling at Centennial College until the day of their graduation, Smart Services offers programs designed to ensure a student’s success, both at Centennial and in the workforce.

Smart Services adheres to the mantra of Get Connected and Stay Connected. A connected student is a successful student, and a successful student is a successful graduate.

For more information on the specific programs of Smart Services, please visit the following links:

PREP Smart: Succeeding in College Conference

PREP Smart is a one-day conference hosted annually for high school students with a disability interested in attending a post-secondary institution. Learn about Centennial College's Centre for Students with Disabilities, how to make a successful transition from high school to college, and the services available to incoming students with disabilities.

Next Prep Smart: May 2, 2017


Successful Transitions: Advocacy, Resources, Training (START) Smart is Centennial College’s award winning orientation program for incoming students with disabilities. Taking place annually in August, the conference is a multi-day event featuring activities and workshops that focus on learning strategies, self-advocacy, time management, relationship building, leadership, and more.

Next START Smart: August 2017

STAY Smart

Centered on the theme of leadership, the STAY Smart program is designed to keep students engaged throughout the school year through a series of social events, workshops, and skill building sessions. STAY Smart encourages students to view their time at Centennial not as a destination, but as a route marker on the path to a successful life and career.

STAY Smart Events are ongoing throughout the year.

END Smart

END Smart is an annual multi-day conference for graduating students with a disability interested in learning more about the transition to the workforce. Leaving college to begin a career can be a stressful experience, but END Smart helps to ease the transition for students through a series of information sessions and opportunities to meet employers and employment service providers.

Next END Smart: April 24 - 26, 2017

For more information on any Smart Services program, please contact (416) 289-5000, ext. 2219, or email Robert Hurtubise at

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