STAY Smart

Centered on the theme of leadership, the STAY Smart program is designed to keep CSD students engaged and connected throughout the school year through a series of social events, workshops, and skill building sessions. STAY Smart encourages students to view their time at Centennial not as a destination, but as a route marker on the path to a successful life and career.

STAY Smart events are open to any student of Centennial College registered with the Centre for Students with Disabilities.

Upcoming STAY Smart Events

The 2017 STAY Smart schedule will be announced shortly.


Past STAY Smart events


Personal Branding & Social Media for Employment Success

There's more to finding a job than resumes and cover letters...

Join the Centre for Students with Disabilities for this engaging workshop hosted by Sana Khan (Employment Specialist, CCRW), and learn how to best market yourself to employers by establishing a personal brand and leveraging social media tools.

Healthy Cooking Workshop

Preparing nutritious meals can be a challenge, especially for the busy college student. But healthy eating is critically important, and has been proven to impact academic performance. Thankfully, you don't have to sacrifice your nutrition while studying.

Hosted by nutrition specialist Ms. Dorothy Vo, this three-hour STAY Smart workshop will be an interactive, in-kitchen, experience. Lunch to be provided - and prepared by you!

Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Increasingly, entrepreneurship and self employment are becoming common career paths for individuals graduating from college. While you may not have a "business ready" idea, it can be valuable to begin thinking about entrepreneurial pursuits. Come and learn about how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the benefits of self employment!

Career Resiliency: The Secret to Success

Finding a good job doesn’t just happen.

While it’s important to focus on your studies while attending college, it’s equally important to begin planning for success in the world of employment. Although it may seem far off, in reality your days of being a job seeker are just around the corner – time to prepare!

The CSD, in partnership with Career Services & Co-operative Education and The Counselling Centre, are pleased to invite you to a STAY Smart workshop focused entirely on career resiliency. Come learn the secret to career success!