Book Your Assessment

1. Book your Skills Assessment

Book your Skills Assessment as soon as possible, with the goal of having it completed well before your program begins. 

Take your Skills Assessment Online

Book your Skills Assessment with our partner B Virtual. You can still meet your deadlines without having to travel to Centennial.

If you see COMM-999 or MATH-999 on your schedule it means you have not completed the Skills Assessment or the assessment score hasn't been entered into the system. If your score has not been entered into the system two business days after your Skills Assessment, please contact the Assessment Centre at

2. Prepare for the assessment

Prepare for your assessment by reviewing the Assessment Format and complete the Study Materials relevant to the assessment(s) you will be writing.

3. What to bring for your assessment

The most important item to bring to your Skills Assessment is an acceptable photo ID. Other items you are allowed to bring include: letter from Centennial College, bottle of water, and a pair of headphones if you are writing the Language Skills Assessment. Parking may be provided by the Assessment Centre.

Please do not bring: your own stationary, writing utensils, dictionary or calculator. We will provide you with all the materials you need for the assessment.

For more information about what to bring, what an acceptable photo ID is, and parking, please visit our FAQ.

4. After your assessment

The Assessment Centre staff will review your results and they will be used by the college for either admission consideration, indicate the need for program upgrading, or to identify the appropriate language or math course that matches your current skill level.

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