Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to be assessed?

The assessment tests are designed to accurately diagnose your communications and mathematics skill level. Good English listening, writing, and reading comprehension skills are crucial to a student’s success at Centennial College. For certain programs, basic mathematics or science skills are also needed to succeed in your studies. By testing your college readiness, we can provide you with effective advice on how you can pursue your post-secondary goals, as well as allowing us to tailor your timetable to promote success in your studies at Centennial College.

When should I book my assessment?

If you are writing an assessment to meet outstanding admission requirements, we recommend you book your assessment as soon as you receive a notification from Enrolment Services.

If you are writing an assessment to determine the communications or math course you will be placed in at the start of your program, we recommend you book your assessment as soon as you confirm your offer with Centennial College.

How will the college use my assessment results?

Your skills assessment results will be utilized in several ways:

  • For admissions consideration (if admissions has not been offered)
  • To indicate the need for an upgrading program, such as a Foundations program or an English upgrading program, before entering a regular post-secondary program
  • To identify the appropriate communications and/or math course that matches your current skill level

Is there a fee for the assessment?

No, this service is free of charge.

No, you do not have to pay to write the assessment in-person at Centennial College.

How long will the assessments take?

The duration of the test varies depending on the type of test. Ask for details when you are booking your assessment or call (416) 289-5300 to find your assessment on the Assessment Formats page.

How can I prepare for the assessments?

No specific preparation is required because the skills the assessments are testing are ones that you have acquired through your previous education or employment experiences. However, if you require guidelines and refresher material, you are welcome to access our study materials.

When will my results become available?

Communications and math results will be available immediately after the skills assessment. For the communications skills assessment, you may have to wait two business days before learning their results. For Career and College Transition and English for Academic Purpose assessments, you will have to wait up to one week for results.

What if I require accommodation while writing my exam?

If you are a student with a documented disability and would require exam accommodation, please contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities by calling (416) 289 5000, ext. 2627 before booking your skills assessment with us.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my test?

We understand if you are not able to write your exam on the date you have booked with us. However, because space is limited, please try your best to notify us 3-5 days in advance so we can offer the free spot to another candidate.

To cancel or reschedule your skills assessment, log into your skills assessment account and select the cancel/reschedule option, or contact Centennial College at (416) 289-5300.

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