Is GCE in my program? What do I have to do?

What if my program already has a portfolio (professional, accreditation or other)?

You will not be expected to complete two separate portfolios. You can either include an additional section in your portfolio dedicated to GCE or the artifacts that you choose to include in your portfolio to exhibit your specific program related skills may also meet the GCE requirements. Seek advice from your GCE Portfolio Advisor or faculty members overseeing your program's portfolio on how to proceed.

What is this GCE Portfolio course on my eCentennial? Do I have to attend a class?

For the purpose of providing you with information about GCE and the Portfolio your GCE Portfolio Advisor has set up a learning community on eCentennial. You are not required to attend a class.

What if I switch programs?

If you transfer into another program that has implemented the GCE Portfolio you can use the portfolio you have started in your previous program and continue adding artifacts to that portfolio. You will not have to replace the artifacts you have collected but will simply add to them. If you transfer into a program that is not implementing the GCE Portfolio you are not required to develop a Portfolio.

What if a student fails the GCE assignment, do they still qualify to receive the notation?

Yes. Similarly to any of the other assignments within a course. A student may fail an assignment but still accumulate the minimum grade required to pass the course.

What if a student fails the GCE assignment, but passes the course?

Yes. A fundamental aim (objective) of the GCE Outcomes integration into the curriculum is to facilitate (further develop or cultivate) a social awareness in students. The students exposure to social issues that connect to their field of study offers exposure to critical and reflective thought and analysis regardless of the evaluative grade on their assignment. This is the objective of the GCE integration into curriculum.

Do students who transfer from another college into a GCE slated program receive the notation as well?

Yes. The designated GCE Portfolio Learning Advisor will support the incoming transfer student in the GCE integration process and they will collect artifacts from the other GCE-slated courses in the curriculum. Therefore, transfer students through orientation session and course work are made aware of the GCE initiative.