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Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experiences

Picture of Centennial College's Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience (GCELE) student visibly excited in a field setting.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

Centennial College is committed to providing students with distinctive learning opportunities and global citizenship experiences - in the classroom and beyond. In 2009, Centennial College launched Global Citizenship& Equity Learning Experiences (GCELEs), to encourage student participation in applied social justice learning environments by providing opportunities that develop leadership skills and work to create positive social change in our interconnected world.  GCELEs are diverse not only intheir destinations, but also in their design, strategy and intended goals. However, the common elements for each GCELE are the integration of our GCE Learning Outcomes and reflective practice activities in order to ensure the experience is on of learning-not charity.

Global Citizenship & Equity Learning Experiences are globalservice-learning projects that allow students to participate in innovative community projects as leaders of positive social change in our interconnected world.  As a GCELE participant you will work alongside communities thoughtfully organized learning experiences that work to meet actual community needs. Each GCELE Project also works to extend learning beyond the classroom by combining action with reflective learning thatexamines the social problems and the impact of their personal action/inaction as global citizens.

In 2015, GCELE Projectsincluded working alongside local professionals of the Peten region in Guatemala to meet the goals of improving the health of their women, collaborating with the community organization Waves of Hope and local professionals on health and educational activities in Nicaragua, exploring pathways to achieve socially equitable and ecologically sustainable food security for vulnerable communities in Cuba, working with Habitat for Humanity in both the Yukon Territories and PEI to provide a safe and decent home to a family in need, working with minority school age girls, secondary students, orphans and volunteers to further empower girls education in China and working with the CanadianOrganization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation (COTERC) on important data collection for applied scientific research that advances environmental sustainability initiatives in Costa Rica. 

Take part in a transformative international learning experience that will allow you to engage with diverse communities on social change projects that will further enhance your employability skills while taking part in the trip of a lifetime!

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