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Child Code of Conduct

Child Code of Conduct

I agree to the following when I participate in Beyond the Rim. I will:

  • Enjoy, learn and have fun
  • Respect my teammates and cooperate with all participants
  • Be on time for the start of the program
  • Listen to my coaches and mentors
  • Not tease others or use bad language
  • Settle disputes without fighting or bullying

All participants are expected to behave appropriately in the Beyond the Rim program. In cases of serious misconduct, disciplinary or corrective measures will be taken to ensure that all participants are adhering to the program expectations. The following steps will be followed in serious cases:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning (parent will receive disciplinary notice to be signed and returned before the participant can rejoin the program)
  3. Dismissal from program

Children are encouraged to bring a change of clothes for the basketball training and must be in athletic footwear. No boots, socks or bare feet will be allowed on the gym floor.