Courses for HYPE 2017 Program

The online application for HYPE 2017 will be posted in the spring and applications are processed on a first come-first served basis, if you have any questions please contact us at or 416-289-5000 ext. 3363.

Courses offered at Progress Campus, 941 Progress Ave, Scarborough

Human Development - Run by faculty from our School of Community and Health Studies this program focuses on an introduction and overview of Community Studies Programs like Social Service Worker, Community Development, and Child and Youth Worker. Students have the opportunity to go on weekly field trips to various community service providers in Scarborough to learn about various employment opportunities in the Human Development field. 

Introduction to Business - Run by faculty from our School of Business this program provides an introduction to all things business. Students get exposure to marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources, and administration. Guest speakers include various business professionals from Toronto. 

Introduction to Computers - Run by faculty from our School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, this program introduces the wonderful world of computing. This course will familiarize students with both the hardware and operating systems of their computer. Through hands on experience, students get exposure to how PC’s work. Little or no experience with personal computers is required for this course; it will develop your skills and knowledge to use computer technology. The course also explains how computers can be used in different aspects of life.

Culinary Arts & Baking - Run by faculty from the School of Hospitality Tourism and Culinary Arts This course introduces students to the fundamental culinary/baking techniques and theory necessary to produce a variety of foods prepared in today’s contemporary kitchen. Through our classroom’s innovative competency based approach students learn to select and utilize appropriate small wares and tools for various cooking applications, foundry knife skills and professional cooking methods while learning to work in a safe and hygienic manner. During a six week course students will learn basic vegetable cuts, understand methods of heat transfer, apply moist/dry heat cooking methods, healthy food choices, and learn principles of seasoning and building flavour and determining doneness in cooked foods. Students will learn to identify, prepare and cook with ingredients such as whole grains, less refined foods and ethnocentric flavours.

Courses offered at Morningside Campus, 755 Morningside Ave, Scarborough 

Esthetics - Run by faculty from our School of Community and Health Studies this program provides students with an introduction to skin and nail care. Proper sanitation/hygiene techniques as well as learning how to do manicures, pedicures, and facials. 

Courses offered at our Ashtonbee Campus, 75 Ashtonbee Rd, Scarborough 

Automotive - Run by faculty from our School of Transportation this program provides students a very hands on look at automotive repair. Students spend most of the class time in the lab facilities working on cars and learning such topics as oil change, tire rotation, and brake checks 

Courses offered at our Story Arts Centre, 951 Carlaw Ave, Toronto 

Digital Media - Run by faculty from our School of Communications, Media, and Design. Students learn how to capture the world around you using still and video camera technology. Bring that experience all together into something compelling and engaging. Students will learn about free web creation and publishing tools, the basic knowledge of what 'works' in storytelling, and the techniques needed to capture and edit sound, stills and video in a way that rivals professional production but lets you get started today.