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Meet the Team

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Scott Allison

Board of Governors, Chair View Bio
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Christine Williams

Vice Chair View Bio
Dr. Craig Stephenson image

Dr. Craig Stephenson

President and CEO View Bio
Abigail Slater image

Abigail Slater

Vice Chair View Bio
Alexandra Raphael image

Alexandra Raphael

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Aslihan Kahraman image

Aslihan Kahraman

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Christos Nikitopoulos image

Christos Nikitopoulos

Governor-at-Large View Bio
Diana Conconi image

Diana Conconi

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Dr. Ivan Silver image

Dr. Ivan Silver

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Juan Paolo (JP) Lunaria image

Juan Paolo (JP) Lunaria

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Michael Cooksey image

Michael Cooksey

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Muhammad Lila image

Muhammad Lila

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Dr. Rahim Karim image

Dr. Rahim Karim

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Rick Blickstead image

Rick Blickstead

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Robert Bradbury image

Robert Bradbury

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Susan Caldwell image

Susan Caldwell

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Dr. Tulsi Dharel image

Dr. Tulsi Dharel

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Yvonne von Jena

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Michael Thompson image

Michael Thompson

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