Centennial College is governed by a Board of Governors comprised of 12 volunteers appointed from the external community and approved by the College Compensation & Appointments Council, plus the College President and four elected volunteers from Centennial's internal community representing our students, faculty, support staff and administration.

The Board of Governors meets bi-monthly during the academic year to set policy and look at broad issues affecting Centennial. Each Governor must participate as a member of at least one of three committees: Audit & Compliance, Learning & Engagement, and Policy & Procedures.

The Board of Governors sets policy and looks at broad issues affecting Centennial. Governors are responsible for providing a perspective that can contribute to the process of guiding Centennial College.

Ann Buller - President
Charlie Regan - Chair
Scott Allison - Vice Chair
Christine Williams - Vice Chair

Rick Blickstead
Robert Bradbury
Jan Campbell
Peter Chang
Ian Howcroft
Rahim Karim
Mohamed Manji
David Miller
Michelle Muscatello
Diarmuid O'Connor
Abigail Slater
Gail Smyth
Cathy Szabo
Gretta Vosper

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