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Student Strike Relief Fund (SSRF) Appeal Process

Student Strike Relief Fund (SSRF) Appeal Process

If you disagree with the amount of relief funding you received, you can appeal the College’s decision. You must appeal within fourteen (14) days after the College’s decision is issued. You can access the SSRF Appeal Form here.

Please read the following Appeal Procedure and follow the SSRF Appeal Form Instructions to ensure you have the best chance of a successful submission.

You can only appeal the results of your SSRF claim once. Once a decision is reached on your appeal claim, it is final and binding.

Appeal Procedure

  • If you wish to dispute the amount awarded, you can request an appeal review by submitting the SSRF Appeal Form together with all applicable supporting documentation through email to strikerelieffund@centennialcollege.ca.
  • You must identify one of the following three reasons under which an appeal may be considered and believe your application was unfairly or unreasonably denied.
    • Your application was denied.
      • Receipts were not attached or deemed invalid
      • Expenses claimed were not considered a legitimate expense
      • Other – you must clearly define your reason for submitting an appeal
    • The amount received was less than the $500 maximum and you believe you were entitled to more than the amount received.
    • Exceptional circumstances are applicable in your case requiring a further review and policy exception to be considered.
  • Please ensure your appeal request form is complete and accurate. All applicable and available documentation needed to support your appeal must be included in the email submission with your appeal request form in order for it to be considered. Your original submission together with your appeal request form and supporting documentation will form the package considered in the appeal process. Additional documentation provided after submission of the appeal will not be considered.
  • You must ensure any additional documents fully support your request as you will not be present at the Appeal Committee meeting.

  • A meeting of the SSRF Appeal Committee will take place within 15 business days following receipt of the appeal.
  • Appeals will be reviewed by the SSRF Appeal Committee; a panel consisting of the Vice President, Student and Community Engagement (or designate), Associate Vice President, Corporate Services (or designate), and two student leaders; one of which is the President of the Centennial College Student Association Inc. (CCSAI) (or designate).

  • The SSRF Appeal Committee members will review all submitted information and determine the outcome of the appeal by vote. Appeal Committees will be chaired by Director, Registrarial Processes and Quality Assurance or designate.

  • In the event of a tie vote, the final decision of the appeal will be made by the Vice President, Student and Community Engagement or, in their absence, the Associate Vice-President, Corporate Services.

  • The decision of the SSRF Appeal Committee is final and binding.

  • The SSRF Appeal Committee decision will be communicated to you through your myCentennial email within seven (7) days of the decision.

  • Representation by legal counsel on behalf of either the student and/or the College is not permitted.