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Get updated and watch the Return to Class Video Series above or click on the individual episodes below to get a direct answer about a specific question!

You can also find all of the frequently asked questions on our student FAQs page.

We will continue to update our online information, so please check the Return to Class Updates page regularly. You can also get updates from any staff on campus. No access to the internet? Please call 416-289-5226 and we can further assist you.

Episode 1: Accommodations for the New Semester End Dates

Episode 2: Adjusting the Semester's Content for the New Time Frame

Episode 3: Flight Reimbursement

Episode 4: International Study Permit

Episode 5: Residence Accommodation

Episode 6: Parking and Locker Rental

Episode 7: Individual Student Profile

Episode 8: Extended Student Service Hours

Episode 9: Top 3 Library Resources

Episode 10: Library and Learning Centre Supports

Episode 11: 3 Back-on-track Learning Strategies

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