Science Literacy Week: Biodiversity

Science Literacy Week: Biodiversity

Date: September 21, 2020 to September 27, 2020
Venue: Online

During Science Literacy Week, Canadian libraries, museums, schools and other organizations share books, movies, podcasts and other resources to highlight the impact of science on our daily lives (Science Literacy Week, 2020).

The theme of Science Literacy Week this year is Biodiversity. It is important that we celebrate and protect Canada’s diverse environments because biological diversity is crucial for sustaining life on Earth. Through pollution, climate change and habitat destruction we threaten our country’s biodiversity (Green, 2018). Recent research has also shown that a loss of biodiversity increases the risk of disease outbreaks, including the likelihood of pandemics (Tollefson, 2020).

Here’s how you can participate virtually in Science Literacy Week this year:

  • Check out the Libraries’ virtual Science Literacy Week display to find books, movies & more related to biodiversity
  • Share pictures of the wildlife you encounter in your everyday life on our BackyardBio Padlet
  • Follow #mathinbiodiversitycc on Instagram to learn about the connections between math & biodiversity from our Learning Centre team
  • Enrol in TEDEd Earth School to immerse yourself in a variety of topics all centered on the importance of biodiversity. Each visual nature focused lesson will unlock resources to deepen your learning journey. If you make it to the end of the free 30 day challenge you will be awarded a certificate of completion from TedEd!
  • Explore virtual Science Literacy Week events hosted by other institutions across Canada
  • Follow #scilit & #BackyardBio on Twitter & Instagram for more great Science Literacy Week content

We welcome you to join the discussion and share your thoughts on social media using the #SciLit and #CCSustainability. Don’t forget to tag @CentennialLib on Twitter!


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