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Centennial College loves to show its students new perspectives and ideas, which makes the TEDx Public Speaking Series a great fit for the school. These ten-minute talks are a modern platform for idea and story sharing. Centennial College hosted its own TEDx Public Speaking series in October 2018, themed around the ideas and meaning behind “resilience.” We listened to talks from plenty of TEDx pros, but it wasn’t just their voices that were heard.

During TEDxCentennialCollegeToronto, two of our own students held talks. One was Erin Wilson, Recreation and Leisure student, parent and entrepreneur, who told the story of how she conquered adversity in her own life, and what she learned from it. The other was Shamim Ahmadi, who’d come to the college from Afghanistan to study nursing, and talked about her fight for education. Below, you can watch and listen to what these brilliant students had to say.

photo of brandon love

Brandon Love

The Illusion of Knowing

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photo of joanne dominico

Joanne Dominico

Exercise: A key Ingredient in the Student Resilience Recipe

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photo of shamin ahmadi

Shamim Ahmadi

Forbidden Dream

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photo of trung ngo

Dr. Trung Ngo

What Chronic Pain Has Taught Me About Resilience

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photo of ann buller

Ann Buller

The Making of a Social Justice College

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photo of nick liu

Chef Nick Liu

How I Found Redemption through New Asian Cuisine

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photo of nikita lebedev

Nikita Lebedev

Breathing Life Into a Silicone Mask

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photo of melissa grello

Melissa Grelo

The Struggle is Real: How Immigrants’ Resilience has Made Canada Better

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photo of erin wilson

Erin Wilson

How Shifting Labels Can Shift Your Entire Perspective

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photo of najwa zebian

Najwa Zebian

The Power of “Me Too”

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photo of john wilson

John Wilson

Feeding Our Future

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photo of tahani aburaneh

Tahani Aburaneh

Developing Resilience Against All Odds

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