Student Access Guarantee (SAG)

The Student Access Guarantee (SAG) Bursary
Value $100 (Minimum)
Available Fall, Winter, Summer

The Ministry and Centennial College has partnered government and institutional support to permit access to post-secondary education through the Student Access Guarantee. Students are not required to complete an application for this bursary as eligibility is determined by the government through the student’s OSAP application.

To meet the objectives of supporting our most financially vulnerable fulltime students, the parameters indicated below are used to identify students eligible for consideration for the Centennial College SAG Bursary.

  • Must be enrolled fulltime – enrolled in a minimum 60% course load during the semester
  • Must apply for OSAP – in order to determine need, the vehicle for determining eligibility is the OSAP program assessment
  • Must have an ‘unmet need’ under the OSAP program – approximately 30% of students applying for OSAP do not receive the level of funding required based on Ministry program maximums – this is called ‘unmet need’.  These students are identified as requiring resources that OSAP will not cover and SAG is intended to support the students on OSAP assistance with unmet need

Important note: A qualified student is a student who is academically qualified according to the institution’s academic requirements for a particular program, applies for assistance from the Ontario Student Assistance Program, and meets the unmet need and additional tuition/book cost requirements.

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