Adjusting to the Canadian Classroom

Adjusting to the Canadian Classroom

10 Tips on How to be Successful at Centennial

  1. Understand Centennial’s Academic Policies
    You will find that most schools in Canada will have strict policies on cheating, plagiarism and fraudulent behaviour that may be very different from classrooms in your home country. It is extremely important that you review Centennial’s academic policies to avoid any preventable academic consequences.

  2. Stay Safe
    Read over the ways that the Centennial Security team helps ensure your safety and helpful tips on what you can do to stay safe.

  3. Ask for Help in Your Classes When Needed
    The Library’s Learning Centre has many resources to help you be successful in your classes, such as their English, Math and subject-specific tutoring services. If you are having trouble in class, speak to your instructor. Your academic program will also have advisors with whom you can speak regarding tests, assignments, absences, or any other difficulties you may be facing in class.

  4. Get Settled into Your New Home
    Be sure to check your myCentennial email for the Engage With SaGE biweekly newsletter, which contains helpful resources for settling into your new community. The newsletters will feature events, programs and activities within and outside the College that will help enrich your experience here at Centennial.

  5. Staying Connected
    Centennial College is recognized as one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in Canada. Over 90 cultural groups are represented and 80 languages are spoken on campus. You will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. A great resource to help connect with your classmates is through social media.

  6. Get Involved On and Off Campus
    Part of the benefit to studying abroad is taking advantage of everything the school and city has to offer. You will have the opportunity to experience a new culture first hand. Centennial College and the International Education Centre will host many events throughout the year, as well as have volunteer opportunities to allow you to get involved in different ways. You can join clubs, getting involved through one of our leadership programs, and much more.

  7. Talk to Someone
    As an international student, you will likely go through an adjustment period when you first arrive to Toronto. This adjustment may be difficult and you may notice changes in sleeping and eating habits, for example. The Counselling Centre can help you with identifying the stressors in your life, helping you develop coping skills, and supporting your overall well-being.

  8. Stay Healthy
    Eating healthy and staying active is key to maintaining a well-balanced life. Keeping yourself physically and mentally healthy can help you reduce stress, increase your energy and much more. Focusing on yourself is a success tool that can help you reach your goals. Take a look at what our Athletic and Wellness Centre and Athletics and Recreation have to offer.

  9. Be Aware of Expiry Dates on Your Immigration Documents
    Be aware of your study permit, passport and temporary residence visa’s expiry date. Your study permit gives you the legal right to study in Canada as long as it is valid. You must renew it before it expires in order to keep studying in Canada. Remember, we are here to help! Please come in to the International Education Centre if you need any advice or help with your immigration documents.

  10. Plan Ahead for After Graduation
    As a future college graduate, you should plan ahead in order to secure a job within your chosen field upon graduation. This may be through updating your resume, learning how to effectively job search, and networking with people in your field. The Career Centre at Centennial provides you with the tools to help you along the right track for you.


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