Discover the MAIB/IBM Programs

Introducing the MAIB/IBM International Business Graduate Programs

Introducing the Master in International Business Development (MAIB) and International Business Management (IBM) programs. A truly global education program, offered by three leading international institutions, that is designed to help shape tomorrow’s global leaders.

Milan, Italy - Bangalore, India - Toronto, Canada. Two simultaneous credentials achieved in three countries in only 15 months, with a total of 90 credits! First Level Master from University of Milano-Bicocca - Milan, Italy and Alliance University - Bangalore, India, plus an Ontario College Graduate Certificate from Centennial College, Toronto.

Participate in this unique program designed to provide you with a comprehensive education in international business management, while experiencing the culture and socio-economic environment of each country and city.

Semester 1 - Milan, Italy

MAIB Master Degree
Master in International Business Development
University of Milano-Bicocca

Semester 2 - Bangalore, India

MAIB Master Degree
Master in International Business Development
Alliance University

Semester 3 - Toronto, Canada

IBM Graduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate in International Business Management 
Centennial College

Semester 4 - Internship

Complete your program with an internship in one of the countries!

Your global journey will help you:

  • Gain core management capabilities and intercultural competencies
  • Develop leadership skills to successfully work in an international environment
  • Acquire current management and entrepreneurial practices
  • Acquire strong analytic and strategic thinking skills
  • Learn to deal with multi-faceted challenges and act creatively and responsibly as a global citizen