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Research Administration Certification Seminar


Research administration is an often overlooked component of the research project that greatly contributes to project success. Before a solution is investigated and a study is conceived, as well as throughout the entire lifecycle of a research study, research administration plays a central role.
The Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) is the national voice for the profession. Their Research Administration Certification was created in 2013, to provide structured credentials around issues such as ethics, funding proposals, contracts, and the Canadian research environment the essential, behind-the-scenes stuff that happens while the discoveries are being made by the researchers. CARA has partnered with Hamilton's Mohawk College to provide an online certificate in research administration covering most of these topics.
On Thursday, August 17th, Evan diValentino, from Mohawk's Continuing Education program, and Nina Papuca, Professional Development and Membership Services Manager at CARA, joined Centennial staff at Progress Campus.
DiValentino and Papuca shared valuable information about how the initiative came about, the feedback received while the curriculum was developed, and delivery of the 6 core courses. They also discussed the lack of awareness surrounding research administration.  According to their internal surveys, a surprisingly low percentage (<20%) of research administrators had planned to work in the field; however, once in the field, over 90% of them remain committed.

The duo delivered a spirited presentation about the merits of the program, and how it's been fine-tuned to suit user needs, especially when it comes to online delivery, flexibility and technology integration. Clients get one-on-one Skype sessions with mentors, and able to access a highly experienced group of faculty, such as lecturers from the Ivey, and Sauder Schools of Business.
One of the benefits of a Certificate in Research Administration is that the program has independent courses that can be taken in any sequence preferred. And if a live online session is missed due to scheduling conflict, it will be made available later in the day. CARA also offers a host of different webinars, as well as an extensive resource library.
For more information, please visit the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) website.