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Why I Chose to Study Book and Magazine Publishing

Picture of a Digital Publishing student in the computer lab

Simply put- I’ve always had a love for writing. It was something I found myself doing a lot of in my spare time as a child (when I probably should have been learning my multiplication tables instead). Even though I kept countless diaries and journals, I never really understood that writing was something one could do for a living. I tried to focus on what I called “more practical careers” and went through phases where I wanted to be a lawyer or a social worker. But over time it became apparent that one of the phases I was never going to grow out of was how much I loved writing. Eventually high school made me appreciate writing essays and literature assignments (yes, I can hear you groaning) but for someone like me that despised math and sciences it was always a relief to write.

Attending university for a Journalism and English double major really woke me up to the idea that many people actually can do what they love for a living. So whether in newspapers, magazines, online print, short stories or novels, I knew that this was something I wanted to do. Once in university, I joined Wilfrid Laurier’s school newspaper The Sputnik and absolutely loved every minute of it. My only regret was that I joined the paper in third year because I was too afraid during my first and second year to really put my writing out there.

Moving forward to Centennial, I knew I wanted to choose a post-grad certificate as opposed to a Masters program so I could receive more hands on training. I’m excited to once again be around others that have a similar passion to mine, who won’t be bored to death during a discussion of oxford commas or the CP style long as absolutely no one asks me to recite my multiplication tables.

- Kiley