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How to Retain Information (school work) During the Holiday Season

Centennial Students in Winter

If there is anything that every student looks forward to all year it's Christmas break! The holiday season allows for a much needed time off after hours spent cramming for finals.

Retaining information during the holidays is not an easy task. While on vacation students are tempted to put school work at the back of their minds.

In the past, many have expressed difficulties with transitioning back into a school routine after weeks off.

•Use your time off to regroup, keep your academic goals in mind and assess what needs to be done in order to achieve them. Consider your current performance and evaluate what you are doing well and be honest about what you can do to make things better. Work on strengthening weak areas and resolve to prepare yourself as much as possible for the semester to come.

•Review your work as often as you can, set time aside time to study and express to your family and friends your need to look over your work so that they can respect your time. Take advantage of the Library or quiet places you can go to that have few distractions. Don’t limit yourself either, be creative! Posting sticky notes with information around the house or taking advantage of that aunt or uncle to help you review can be innovative ways to make school work fun.

•Challenge yourself to work on one school related activity per day- reserve small things for busier days and bigger things for the days that you have a little bit more time. That way you won’t feel overwhelmed with trying to cram things in to the final weeks of your vacation.

As you review and regroup you will find that retaining information during the holidays will be a lot less difficult for you. Plus you will return to school with your best foot forward.

Happy Holidays to all of you & Best of luck in the New Year!

-Kanisha Charles
Aka @Ms_World Changer