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My first day at Centennial College

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In life, quite often we need to take critical decisions, going back to school was one such decision. There were a lot of questions to be answered, like how I would cope up with my studies, what will the reaction of my other family members be and so on. There was a dilemma in my mind for my decision of going back to school as it had been a decade and re-entering school was going to be a big leap and a diversion from my current field of work. I made up my mind in just 15 days, went through the process of assessment and was admitted to Centennial College for Software Engineering College Technology. There were a lot of mixed reactions from my family members, as back home the possibility of going back to school at my age was at a bare minimum. Finally after much agitation they could digest the fact that going back to school was a very important decision and their support was much needed.

The first chapter of my school life in Canada began in fall 2011. I still remember all the excitement and fear within me when I first entered the college with a bag on my shoulders. My class was on the third floor and as I walked through the hallsI could see many students who had a glow on their face to succeed despite of any odds in their life. My class was more diverse than I thought. We had people from more than 12 Nations and it was such a wonderful sight as it was the first time in my life that I came across with so many diverse cultures. My fear somehow vanished in thin air as the class proceeded because I did not feel left out. I smoothly jelled with my classmates without my knowledge. I sat in one of the corners thinking that it would be the best place to begin with. To be honest it was the first and the last time I sat in that seat. I made some friends on the very first day and they are still my pals till today.

I personally feel that there is no age limit on pursuing education and Centennial College propagates the same vision. We gain knowledge throughout our life time whether it is from our friends, family, kids or peers. As it is rightly said “Knowledge is Power” we need to prioritize our preferences as well as we need to keep our goal steady. Knowledge gives us the ability to negotiate in the real world. Centennial College is striving very hard to make the lives of every student as meaningful as it can be