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The benefits of attending a workshop at Centennial College

Picture of Centennial College Students attending a workshop

A wise person once said that the key to being successful is being resourceful enough to turn your challenges into opportunities. Here at Centennial College they have done that for you, and to top it off it comes at no extra charge to you.

If Centennial’s workshops are news to you then read on and get ready to sign up!

Centennial College offers an array of workshops that are geared towards common struggles that students have. From English workshops to Job Search focused workshops – Centennial is equipped to handle a variety of needs.

Students also have access to “Individual Workshops” where they can be accessed on a one-to-one level. If the general workshop times are not convenient for you then this would be a suitable option.

Part Time students have the opportunity to attend a select number of Student Success workshops as well all at a very low cost. Prices range from $5-$25 dollars.

College can certainly stretch you at times and course components may require you to do something you are not good at or don’t feel totally comfortable with. It is important to remember that you are not alone! These workshops were created because faculty saw that these issues were common among students. Attending these workshops can help you turn a weakness into as strength and who knows, you might even get to help out another peer with the new skills you have learned!

Thanks for reading,

-Kanisha Charles
Aka @Ms_World Changer