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Alumni Profile- Kanisha Charles

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I chose to attend Centennial because: 
The most attractive thing to me about Centennial was that the student body that was so rich in culture. Especially in my program! They made an active role to ensure that the college was as diverse as the city it was located in. In addition, the College is dedicated to holistically teaching the students about being socially conscious and responsible leaders, fostering our growth in becoming Global Citizens.

Program and inspiration for choosing that field of study: 
I have wanted to be a firefighter since I was three years old. My passion for firefighting is fueled by my desire to help people. I knew taking the Pre-Service course at Centennial would give me the tools I needed to be successful in the Community Service industry.

The class room experience you've enjoyed the most:
I have heard many people say that university is better than college but I beg to differ. Both have positive and negative aspects to them. I love that college gives you hand on exposure to equipment that you would use in the field, I wouldn't trade that practical time for anything. The experience I most enjoyed was our training days at the Toronto Fire Academy.  The trainers there were kind and patient.We even had the opportunity to participate in live burn simulations, where we experienced real fire conditions.  

Life after graduation: 
Life after graduation is busy! I have returned to school and in addition to that I am working and aiming to increase my community involvement. I do miss Centennial and I am happy that I am able to stay connected to the Centennial community through maintaining my role as a student blogger. My time at Centennial was extremely memorable and I must say a huge thank you to everyone who helped and supported me along the way.

until next time,

-Kanisha Charles
Aka @Ms_World Changer