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Communication between Classmates

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Dear Scholars,

 Communication is a tool we’ve honed over life spans. It’s something that is as old as time, yet so few know how to wield it. As a student, it’s a skill that is taught to us throughout our academic careers, but so few of us really utilize it. One way you can communicate is by exchanging contact info, for future peer feedback. Another way to communicate is by networking with your classmates, for future ventures. Another way to communicate is studying , for better scores on exams.

 It’s the first day of class, and you pick a spot beside two other people. These people may hold the key to your academic success; your first step should be in saying hello. Just by making that first step, the floodgates of communication are open in which you should exchange contact info for class projects, or assignments. I did that, not exactly in that order, but I got peer information. I utilized that when further into the course I needed input on a paper, I simply emailed an excerpt to my classmate and got their feedback. When I got their response, it helped me develop my thesis and overall paper. By communicating with my classmates, I enabled myself to do better in class overall.

 It’s the middle of the semester, and you’ve become friends with those classmates. Now is the time to network with them, when I say network I mean add them to your social network. In the future, you might have someone in common that go further your career. Just by communicating with them now, you might be able to access future webs of people. That friend for instance, might know someone in publishing and could get you an interview. I have a friend, a classmate whose aunt works in children’s publishing. Just by communicating with my classmate, I might be able to get an interview in publishing.

 Its week 14, and exams are here whether we’re prepared or not. I find, even with my organization skills I’m still in frenzy over exams. I find, studying is best when I’m in a group setting. When I’m among my classmates, we discuss concepts that we didn’t grasp in class. When I discuss something, my understanding of it grows, thus I’m more prepared for the exam. By communicating to my classmates, I’m increasing my level of course content, and going into an exam prepared. 

Communication is integral in college, learn it, wield it, and know it. Start with your classmates and go from there.