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How to stay motivated in your last semester

Picture of two students studying at a desk in the Progress Campus library

Hello Scholars!

 That past semester blew by like that winter storm right? It was brutal and crazy and really gave us a chill. But its over-we’ve done good and sunny skies are in our future, but not before winter’s semester. All you need to stay motivated is incentive, incentives are many and I’ll provide some that can help. One motivator might be the upcoming summer. You want to work hard next semester, so that those balmy days will be that much sweeter. Some of you may consider your parent’s approval a motivator-as they might be funding your education. And others might by vying to boost your GPA’s because next semester is your last, and you want it to be golden. . I’d suggest having a nice rest, for next semester might be just as deadly-if not colder. But remember, we are survivors, we’ll weather next semester together-and we’ll stay motivated.

 Summer is my favorite season, because of the heat and luxury of the sun. You attend bonfires and BBQ’S, and get to walk around eating popsicles. Think of that in a month- when it’s -20 out and you’ve got assignments up to your neck. You’re here, and you’re going to work hard to get this done. If you have to do this, your not going to be miserable about it-you will get that A. Summer is your prize, and this essay your writing will be sublime, even if it takes all night to edit.

 A parents love is hard to attain-or hard not to. But getting straight A’s on your term report is foolproof. Your sitting at the dinner table, and you’ve done something wrong but your parents wink at you because you could do no wrong in their eyes. A scholar like you is gold to them; your perfect marks are framed in their minds eye. Think of that when you have 3 assignments due in one week, and when your group members are being evasive. It’s on you to get those grades, because at the end of the semester you’ll be getting diamonds from your parents when they see those A’s.

 The last few semesters have been hard, and this semester is your last run. You have your entire future ahead of you, and this semester you’re aiming to score gold. You’re up against another intern, and you’ve been chosen instead because of your incredible overall GPA. The utter devastation on that girls face is like rocket fuel to your pride, and you’re the best ever. Think of that when your looking at a big end of term project, one that requires tears and blood to finish. You’re in your last semester, and you want to feel the burn. You will see stars my friends, just hold tight and finish strong.

 Incentives come in many forms, it’s your job to utilize them. You are a scholar, and that makes you sublime.